Children & Pets

Children & Pets

Kids will be kids and we like it that way. Let's make their travel experience special.

We know you want to hold on to that baby as long as possible, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has rules, and we must abide by them.

An infant is allowed to travel free of charge on the lap of an adult from two weeks old until his or her second birthday. Even if your infant is flying for free, there may be taxes due when traveling internationally. International taxes will be collected at check-in. Only one infant per paying adult is allowed to travel as a lap child. Two adults with two lap children can't sit in the same side of a row, because there are only four oxygen masks per every three seats. If one adult is traveling with two infants, the first infant may travel as a lap child but the second infant must be placed in his or her own seat with an approved car seat (see more information below).

Reaching that second birthday doesn't mean your baby is all grown up, but it does mean that your two-year-old must have his or her own seat on our planes. For added safety and security, your child can sit in a car seat on the aircraft as long as it has an approved FAA red label stating: "This restraint device is approved for motor vehicle and aircraft use."

If you are traveling with an infant, we recommend that you bring items that will keep your child content during the flight. Most flights offer access to DIRECTV® service for a small fee. We've found this to be a major advantage when traveling with children. Consider bringing your child's favorite blanket or pillow, books, or favorite toys and snacks. Word of advice: For your sake and for the comfort of the passengers around you, please avoid bringing that REALLY loud toy.

And speaking of ears... As you may know, during take-off and landing the pressure changes in the plane. Since children have sensitive ears, they may need something to suck on to help their ears pop. We recommend having a pacifier or bottle for an infant or candy for a child.

How Long are Kids Considered Kids

A passenger is considered an adult if he or she is 15 years of age or older for domestic and international travel. They're welcome to be a kid until then.

Traveling With Pets

Monroe Regional Airport (MLU) require that pets be kept in approved travel carriers or crates at all times. Check with your airline for specific information about prices, shipping requirement, and restrictions for all pets and live animals. With the exception of assistance animals, all animals must be in travel carriers when in terminal building.


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