The Monroe Regional Airport’s badging office is located on the second floor of the terminal building.

As an Authorized Signatory/Employer/Sponsor, it is your responsibility to insure your staff members are properly badged during the time they are on airport premises. Individuals will only be issued a badge after they have met all the necessary security and training requirements. The Security Identification Badge Application must be completed and signed by the company’s designated authorizing signatory and also include the appropriate certifications of FBI-based Criminal History Records Check (CHRC), Security Awareness Training (SIDA), and TSA-based Security Threat Assessment (STA), if applicable.

MLU Airport Security issues all vehicle access permits and decals to companies who have proven, through documentation, to have an official need to access the non-movement areas by vehicle. The appropriate documentation, insurance, and markings must be authenticated prior to issuing the vehicle media monthly.


SIDA, NON-SIDA & Public Badge


New, Renewal & Upgrade


Lost/Stolen or Damaged (1st /2nd /3rd offense)






CHRC (fingerprinting)

Employee Parking Only



Security regulations and policies set forth by the Monroe Regional Airport must be abided by all airport employees, inclusive of tenants, airlines, concessions, contractor, etc. Monroe Regional Airport along with the Monroe Police Department or City of Monroe reserves the right to temporarily or permanently revoke the Airport Security Identification Badge of any person to whom a badge has been issue, as well as, take legal action if deemed necessary under C.F.R. 1542.


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday                                    

8:30 AM – 11:30 AM & 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM


Phone: 318.329.2460

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Flights From Status Schedule Updated Gate
DL4760 ATLANTA ON TIME 9:20 PM 9:20 PM 2
UA4807 HOUSTON ON TIME 9:32 PM 9:32 PM 6
Flights From/Schedule Updated
DL4760 ON TIME ATLANTA 9:20 PM 9:20 PM
UA4807 ON TIME HOUSTON 9:32 PM 9:32 PM