The Airport consists of six departments including Administration, Operations, Marketing, Public Safety, Maintenance and Custodial. We have full-time, part-time, and temporary positions. If you are interested in working at Monroe Regional Airport, please view available positions on the City of Monroe’s website.

If you are interesting in working for an airline (counter person, luggage handlers, flight attendant, etc.), try contacting the airlines’ website for employment opportunities.

If you are interesting in becoming a pilot, you may want to visit the Federal Aviation Administration.

The federal government hires for the passenger screening and control tower positions. Visit the Transportation and Safety Administration for additional information on passenger screening employment. Or visit USA Jobs for additional information regarding federal employment opportunities including air traffic control positions.

If you are interested in working at an airport, but not necessarily Monroe Regional Airport, or you are generally interested in aviation careers, you may want to check out the following websites:

Thank you for your interest in the Monroe Regional Airport.

Please mail or fax application to:
Monroe Regional Airport
5400 Operations Road
Monroe, LA 71203
Fax Number: (318) 329-2599

Highlighting Monroe Regional Airport Careers

Bryan Osborn's Retirement

Bryan Osborn, a native of Union Parish has been an icon at the Monroe Regional Airport for 27+ years. A hard-working dedicated employee, he was friend to all new persons as they joined the team.  During the reception, co-worker after co-worker thanked Bryan for being a teacher and a friend.

Always a smile, always willing to help in anyway he could, always a “team player.”  Bryan’s truck and tractor were off limits to those who did not know what they were doing!  That would earn you a frown, and you knew exactly what that meant!

As Bryan moves to the next phase of his life’s journey, we have no doubt he will do well!  In fact, we will not be surprised to see him and “Holland” (his tractor) reunited.

Bryan, “We Hope You Dance!”