FAA Reports

The Federal Aviation Administration publishes quarterly, a compilation of enforcement actions against regulated aviation entities that are closed with either a civil penalty or issuance of a certificate suspension or revocation. The compilation is based on data from the agency’s Enforcement Information System (EIS). For purposes of these compilations, a regulated aviation entity holds a certificate issued by the FAA, (e.g., air carrier operating certificate, repair station certificate, pilot school certificate, airport operating certificate) or is a foreign air carrier or other aviation entity regulated under Part 129 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, 14 CFR part 129. The Transportation Security Administration is now the record owner for all enforcement actions ever taken against regulated aviation entities for violations of chapter 449 of Title 49 United States code or a regulation prescribed or an order issued thereunder. The FAA, therefore, will no longer include within the quarterly compilations, closed enforcement actions against entities for violations of such requirements. The FAA has removed such security enforcement actions from all quarterly compilations presently posted on the FAA web site. Information about such enforcement actions must be sought from the TSA.

At the end of each quarter of the calendar year, the FAA compiles a data run for all enforcement actions against aviation entities that involve safety issues and are closed with a civil penalty or issuance of an order of certificate suspension or revocation. For purposes of this report, cases are considered to be closed after an order has been issued that is no longer appealable or when a civil penalty is compromised. For other record-keeping purposes in the Enforcement Information System, a case is considered closed only after some other event, e.g., payment of a civil penalty or a determination that the penalty is not collectable or, in the case of suspension or revocation, surrender of the certificate.