The Monroe Regional Airport has 2,600 acres of land utilized for aviation, commercial development, runway usage, and taxiway systems. The Airport Industrial Park has land available for commercial aviation uses as well as for leasing of space to construct hangar maintenance facilities or similar types of operations in support of aviation. The Airport Industrial Park has available space in the Air Industrial Park for commercial development. Parties interested in developing any type of commercial activity on Airport property and in the Air Industrial Park are encouraged to contact us by calling (318) 329-2460.

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Flights From Status Schedule Updated Gate
DL4760 ATLANTA ON TIME 9:20 PM 9:20 PM 2
UA4807 HOUSTON ON TIME 9:32 PM 9:32 PM 6
Flights From/Schedule Updated
DL4760 ON TIME ATLANTA 9:20 PM 9:20 PM
UA4807 ON TIME HOUSTON 9:32 PM 9:32 PM